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Why Therapy?

Letter from the Practice Owner

Losing my father was traumatic. Seeing him waste away was traumatic. Despite all the signs and visible evidence that he was dying, not knowing or believing that he was going to eventually pass was traumatic. All the changes and transitions that came in the coming months were traumatic. 
I did not know how to manage my emotions. I did not know how my family was going to survive. I was clueless on what the coming days, months and years would look like. I felt hopeless and helpless. I felt angry and frustrated. I felt afraid and insecure. 
I did not feel that those around me understood. Despite all the love and support that was around me, I felt lost and alone. Despite the others (my family) that were experiencing the same thing, I felt that I needed to figure it out on my own. 
Not knowing how to identify, explore, or feel my emotions in a safe way led me to retreat inside myself. I built a fortress with VERY STRONG walls that has taken... is taking YEARS to come down. 
While inside my fortress I did a lot of thinking, a lot of analyzing, and a lot of comparing. I became very interested in how I thought and how others thought, how I coped and how others coped, how I made sense of my experiences and how others did. I realized that people can walk around carrying a lot of unaddressed hurt and pain. Regardless of how the pain was caused, whether it was hid well or not, it was there. We all experience things that can shake us to our core. We all at times face situations where, regardless of facts, we feel alone. 
This is what led me into this field. I very quickly learned that there was a need for sacred spaces, spaces to be completely vulnerable without being judged, spaces to feel safe enough to explore what’s even going on, spaces where you could dump, refuel and return to your regularly scheduled programs.These spaces are so important, not only for those who seem to be hanging on by threads, but also for those who seem to have it all together. Healing comes when you are able to be vulnerable, when you are able to be real, when you are able to be honest.
This is the intention for my space, a holding space for healing.

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